Thursday, 31 December 2009

That's a Wrap

It's year end wrap-up again. Time to sit back and take a look at what people liked and shunned on Dumplings.

Most of the top posts of 2009 were familiar faces; many written last year but continue to pack them in. I put my blogroll at the very bottom of the page in case you want to peer back over the months.

Here are the top five:

1. I Love Manitoba (5) about Winnipeg's airports past, present and future

2. The Disrespected Disraeli a look at the Disraeli Bridge

3. AIDS 2008 simply for the fact that Manitoba and AIDS is popular search term

4. & 6. Kelly House series is still showing strong !

5. I Love Manitoba (14) a look at the old Brandon Mental Health Centre site

As my historic posts are split between Dumplings and This Was Winnipeg here are the top five from there as well. I guess the two top-runners aren't much of a surprise as they have been in the news this year.

1. Historic Red River Valley Floods

2. Manitoba and the Spanish Flu

3. Eaton's Catalogue Houses

4. Empire Hotel (Cauchon Block, Assiniboine Block)

5. The Flying Bandit

I have to give honourble mention to Len Fairchuck who came in the top ten. His is one of the most searched names !

As I have a day job that has nothing to do with history I couldn't do this research without the great resources that are available on-line. Check them out if you get a chance (for a full list see the blogroll at TWW):

Manitobia Life and Times

Manitoba Historical Society
Free Press Archives (as maddening as the site can be to use sometimes)
Library and Archives Canada
Virtual Museum of Canada
Virtual Heritage Winnipeg
U of M Tribune Fonds

Also, I give thanks to the top referrers who sent people this way in 2009:



With any luck I will continue on through 2010 maybe even at a new site !

All the best in 2010 !



cherenkov said...

A new site! Very exciting. Keep up the good work, Mr.C. Yours is definitely one of the top blogs in town.

Christian Cassidy said...

Thanks !! Happy 2010 !