Monday, 21 December 2009

The More Things Change: Diamond Lanes, Odd Knickers & e-talk

Continuing on the clean-up / organization of the history files on my hard drive ... I'm tossing up bits and pieces that I saved but never made a post of:

Diamond Lanes
Transit Tom was on the case of 'Diamond Lanes' back in 1958 /59 ! Well, 'reserved curb lanes for buses during peak hours'. Not sure if the shaded text is readable, but the answer to the trivia question is is 20% in Winnipeg (10.4% in Dallas, 6% in Cincinnati, 14% in Baltimore). Source - likely the Free Press.

Boys' Odd Knickers Hmm ... Mom didn't send me to school in any of those, thankfully ! This is Robinson's 1903 Back to School sale. Source: Morning Telegram

e Talk
Both Stradbrook AND Sherbrook ended in 'e' at one time.

I knew about Sherbrook already but it caused me great frustration when researching the Wakefield on Stradbrook !

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