Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Dec 8 Daily Dumplings: Urban Ties & the State of the City

Just playing around with things a bit.

I've been throwing headlines into the sidebar for a while now. With the holiday season I might be doing less actual posts but keep the sidebar updated as I come across things that interest me. I might play with pulling out some of the bigger headlines and posting them here just because, well, I'm a grown-up and it's my blog !

Urban Ties and stuff...
A site I reference a fair bit is Planetizen. A great resource link for all things urban. I see this year that their shop is offering city plan ties of some of the world's iconic cities: Paris, London, New York, Chicago. I can't wait for the Winnipeg version !

While at Planetizen, they point out a couple of recent news items:

One is that Utah is figuring out that better city planning can mean better public health.

Another is the saga of San Fran's run-down Market Street. A developer has some changes in mind but the idea of a multi level parkade in the middle of the block "on a street with historic columned buildings and street-level storefronts" is causing concern.

King Street Walk
Lunch Plans ?
If you want to hear the State of the City in-person the Mayor will serve that up at the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Jan 26th. Also, February 4 is Mark Carney.

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