Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Dec 23 Daily Dumplings: Urban Taranna Stuff

Some recent Toronto stuff that caught my eye....
Sidewalk Message
A Canadian Architect article extends an invitation members of Toronto's architecture, landscape architecture, interior, industrial and graphic design communities for an informal debate / charette to prioritize the projects they would like to see be part of the Toronto Walking Strategy.

The strategy was created in 2007 and, according to the strategy document intro:

The Toronto Walking Strategy outlines what it takes to make Toronto a great walking city - a city where people love to walk. It strives to create an environment where walking is an appealing, convenient, safe and stimulating experience for everyone in every Toronto neighbourhood.

For more on walking in Toronto, there is a page on the city's website dedicated to walking / pedestrian related news and projects. As well, the TWS itself has a page.

Old Sign
The Tyee is pumping the decision earlier this month by Toronto city council to tax billboard advertisements with the proceeds going toward funding additional public art to act as an offset. (Also see BlogTO).

I've been keeping a closer eye out for Christopher Hume's columns. He's the Toronto Star's urban and architecture critic. I'm not sure at what point we officially gave up caring about architecture in favour of a 'sure, build whatever' attitude. It is nice to read about developments, urban plans etc. with a bit of attention paid to architecture and aesthetics.

Recent articles of interest include one on the design of the Human Rights Museum and the latest in the Lansdowne Park reconstruction kerfuffle.


cancelbot said...

What I wouldn't give to have someone like Christopher Hume writing in one of our local newspapers. The Free Press occasionally looks at the sorts of issues Hume covers, but it would be nice if it were a regular feature instead of once every couple months or so.

Christian Cassidy said...

True. Urban issues in general are overlooked - considering we have a city planning school, architecture faculty and an Institute of Urban Studies you'd think they'd get a bit of coverage.

'course when you have the likes of Ace Burpee and Miss Lonelyhearts in town, how could you argue for near-equal space for something as boring as architecture or urban planning ?!

cherenkov said...

I would like to see a tax on those portable sign boards. Wasn't there supposed to be a bi-law to limit those?

Christian Cassidy said...

I'm not sure if they did here or what the rule is. I know they did in Brandon - it was a big bruhaha. I think it's limited to two per block.