Friday, 11 December 2009

Dec 11 Daily Dumplings: Bus Strike Hangover, Civics 101 & a Patchwork Nation

Who Wins a Bus Strike ?
In Ottawa, it appears, nobody did.
The city, employees and businesses all lost millions of dollars. Those who depended on transit lost the ability to get about for nearly two months.

It seems, too, that for some with a number of transportation options open to them OC Transpo simply stopped being one of them. A year after the strike, the main issues of which are still outstanding,
transit ridership is down by about half a million rides compared to last year. The City of Ottawa, struggling to keep the property tax rise below 5%, is looking at eliminating or cutting back routes with low ridership to save about $3m.

Civics 101
There's an interesting TVO site called Civics 101. "
TVO decided to launch this politics microsite to bolster our commitment to take political literacy seriously". I found it a couple of months back and according to this blog post from The Agenda they're looking at souping it up in the months ahead. Great idea, good site.
While they're you can also participate in a TVO aside: are Steve Paikin and Stephen Colbert the same person ?

Patchwork Nation
The newly re-branded PBSNewshour has had an interesting series this week called Patchwork Nation. Each night Ray Suarez has been visitng a different part of the U.S. to see how people are coping with the economic downturn. From the former industrial powerhouse of Philadelphia to rural Sioux Centre, Iowa. An interesting look look at some of the communites and the change that they're facing.

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