Sunday, 27 December 2009

Daily Dumplings: Save the B List; Tear Down These Gates; India's Touch of Wpg

The A-Listers

John Lorinc in It’s more than an architecture fetish makes a case for saving heritage buildings and unique architectural structures that are off the beaten track: "The city’s history, after all, didn’t take place only in A-list buildings".

Say it isn't so !

In the Charlotte area police find that "gated communities in the area are not statistically any freer of crime than non-gated ones".

Free parking FAIL

Free Holiday Parking Fails in Providence: Instead of encouraging shopping, as the city had hoped, free downtown parking has been occupied by downtown workers.

THAT'S Gridlock

The Times of India looks at the desperate need for public transit in their cities as hundreds of new vehicles are registered each day. The editorial points out Western examples of getting it right: some U.S. cities' infrastructure spending; London's congestion tax. The piece then mentions something that hit a bit close to home:

In India, along with monumental problems and annual shortfalls, the incomplete approach to city planning and design is compounded by the government's inability to take bold initiatives. Beyond elaborate studies and paper projects little gets implemented.

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