Monday, 14 December 2009

Canada and the Beautiful, and not so Beautiful, Game

No World Cup for us this time around but Canada's soccer news wires have been abuzz the last few days.

First, the bad news.

has been in the news a lot lately as FIFA is trying to cast a heavier eye on lower level games. Canada appears to have come up against it last month in their 3-0 loss to Macedonia. The Bulgarian referee has been suspended under allegations that
he may have acted to fix the match.

On a happier note, Canada has officially named Stephen Hart the new head coach for the men's team with an eye on 2014.

Also, Montréal looks very likely to be the third Canadian MLS team, alongside Toronto and Vancouver. That's great news for Hart, giving him more home-based players, and great news for Canadian soccer in general to create interest and rivalries.

Edmonton, too, is seeing the return of pro soccer with the NASL, could an MLS team be far behind ?

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