Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Streetcar Hunting !

This month's display on the main floor of the Millennium Library is dedicated to Winnipeg's streetcar history. Check it out !
Streetcar Display

Streetcar Display
It's been an interesting few months for the Heritage Winnipeg Streetcar Committee.

The only remaining intact streetcar is believed to be 356, currently owned by Heritage Winnipeg and in storage at the Winnipeg Rail Museum at the Winnipeg Rail Museum.
Streetcar 356
Some other remnants have been known about for years such as one in a pasture near Inwood and a couple that made it out to cottage country and converted to cabins.

Earlier this summer a public appeal went out in the Southman area for streetcars and the resulting news coverage yielded some interesting results.

Tips on a few new cars came in and Steven Sothers, who has been nicknamed the Streetcar Hunter, has followed up the leads and shares the finds here.

Though many of the cars are in worse shape than 356 the broken down bodies do yield clues as to construction techniques and some missing parts.


Piece of Wpg history found in Winkler's backyard
The Winkler Times 15 Oct 2009

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Winkler Times September 2009

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Winnipeg Free Press 8 Aug 2009

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