Monday, 23 November 2009

Moaning About My Mo'

Not sure how many of the guys, or ladies to be inclusive, have been doing the Movember mo' thing.

I gave it a shot. Not bad. I'll often grow a beard in winter so I knew that it would come in fairly well. I'm not a huge fan, though. I tried handlebars drooping down the side which looked kinda cool but it was more work that I thought.

Beards, especially the stubbly kind, are like a wild field. You can pretty much leave them on their own and, with minimal general maintenance, they're good to go. A 'stache of the handlebar variety, however, requires some attention and good hand eye co-ordination to keep the width and length of each bar the same. Being a morning shaver, but not a morning person, the handlebar portion has whittled away in failed attempts to even them out. The result is a fairly standard "dad" looking 'stache.

Thank goodness Movember is only one month long. Another few weeks and I'd be sporting a Hitler-style moustache.

Mo - mo -moustache party !
I saw this in the Village - a moustache party at Ragpickers ! There are apparently others out there as well to celebrate the end of Movember. Me and my whittled away upper lip can't wait for it to end !!

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