Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Lighting Up Heritage Buildings Toronto Style

Toronto recently flipped the switch on their Heritage Lighting Program in the St. Lawrence Market area of town, (also see).
Night Shots
If you recall last year the city approved a similar plan with the Winnipeg Partnership Agreement chipping in $35k. The Winnipeg plan's aim, aside from looking neat, is to recast the light from illuminating just street-tops to provide better lighting for sidewalks and other pedestrian areas.
Downtown BIZ Office
The owner of the former Bank of Montreal Building on Portage, where the BIZ have their offices, was the first taker of the 50% owner / 50% BIZ funding. There hasn't been money alloted for the city's 50% yet so it's stuck in limbo for now.

The plan is still out there if you want to check it out !


cherenkov said...

I did check it out. Phase two is very ... um ... Winnipeg:

A second pilot will take place in an Impark parking lot at Ellice and Notre Dame avenues, across from the Burton Cummings Theatre. It will demonstrate how colourful lighting can make what is not aesthetically appealing—in this case, a surface parking lot—into a more attractive and interesting part of downtown.

Ya baby. Way to highlight the best that Winnipeg has to offer.

mrchristian said...

Well, there are just so many buildings to light up !