Thursday, 12 November 2009

Gone with the Wind Blows Back to Town with Santa !

Saturday is the 100th staging of the Santa Claus Parade !

Also, the original Gone With The Wind, remastered and in HD, will be
back in Winnipeg cinemas Saturday, November 14 ! It's at Silver City, Polo Park for one showing: 11 am. General admission is $10.95.

Back in the day, Gone with the Wind made quite the debut in Winnipeg.

A Winnipeg Tribune review called it:

"The most remarkable picture Winnipeg has ever seen .... the most faithful picturization of a novel attempted by the film industry. It does full justice to Margaret Mitchell's tale of the Old South".


Fat Arse said...

"Frankly Mr. Christian, I DO give a damn!"

Good post.

Hopefully I can convince family to join me in an excursion. Hopefully, this time the kids won't insist on bringing their e'ffn I-Pods yet again!

mrchristian said...

Well, they have a lot of hours to kill in the cinema. It could be quite the test !