Thursday, 12 November 2009

Fleshing out the Story

Lol, thanks to Curtis for pointing this out to me. My hours and BT's hours don't coincide so my chances of seeing the story were about nil !

I get a a kick out of watching media, by that I mean old-fashioned general-audience media, cover blogging or social networking. Unlike a piece on the car industry or a war where there is an assumed starting point that viewers at least know what one is, general media still juggles, rightly or wrongly, with the premise that half of their audience has little concept of what 'the cyberspaces' is, whereas the other half are completely tech-savvy. Then they try to appeal to both ...

To finish off some stunted thoughts of mine expressed in the story, which is one of the joys of having a blog :-) ...

Megan touched on the old issue of anon v named bloggers and said that I didn't want my name associated with my blogs...that's sort of true. I use a pseudonym but by clicking on my profile or using The Googles it would be easy work to figure out my name. Also, I always use my name when dealing with the media.

This separation of 'church and state' had little to do with distancing myself from my views as it does with my pre-blog days of posting / moderating on a forum. There are some creepy folks that lurk on them thar forums. Having been caught up in a couple of nasty items, including a threat or two, anonymity was something that I was concerned about when I started.

Also, not being a professional writer / historian / commentator / generator of useless trivia or whatever my blogs touch on, I do like to keep one degree of separation. Anyone scanning for me at a professional level doesn't really need to see my hobbies right off the bat. I still like that single degree there.

As for the future of blogging ... I talked about the fact that Winnipeg's community blogs are still very much a collection of stand-alone silos. In larger markets there are existing on-line community news magazines like
The Crosscut and The Tyee with new information networks forming: Blog TO; Raise the Hammer; ChicagoNOW. I particularly like Chi*Town Daily News which, with funding from a j-foundation, have trained citizen-reporters mixed with community bloggers to create a daily on-line newspaper for their city. My two bits were that's what might eventaully come about here.

For thoughts on the story from a higher plain check out Lord of the CreComm Kenton Larson's take on the story.

P.S. Oh and I never blog while sitting at my desk at work ;-)


nick said...

Nicely done!

Blogging can also help bring about positive change, or at least enhance the dialogue. Witness Spacing.ca/wire, Toronto's urban and public space discussion blog. It's since expanded to Montreal, Atlantic Canada, with talks about it popping up in Vancouver soon, too. I'd love to see a Spacing Winnipeg, or at least Spacing Prairies! All it'll take is to show the interest with the Spacing folks --these opportunities have been advertised in the hard copy of the Toronto-focused Spacing Magazine.

Shaun M. Wheeler said...

Well, lads, it only takes one or two people to get the ball rolling! :)

mrchristian said...

True, true. i really enjoy Spacing TO

I think a Spacing Prairie would be an interesting idea. We have more in common with Edmonton, S'toon, Regina than we do many other cities in terms of topography, climate, age of housing stock etc. yet we rarely seem to link together on things.

Oh, I'm not sure if I can juggle yet another project !

Megan said...

Thanks again for your help Christian! Hope you enjoyed the piece.

mrchristian said...

Yes, I did. Thanks Megan !!