Friday, 23 October 2009

Will An 'Erect Peter' Help CBC News ?

Some big changes coming to CBC News starting Monday Oct. 26th in what network execs are calling the 'most sweeping reorganization in the broadcaster's history'. The most noticeable of the changes:

CBC Newsworld will be rechristened 'CBC News Network' with new graphics and set. The flagship program, The National, relaunches with a new set, features and an 'erect Peter', (Mansbridge, of course, standing instead of behind a desk).

Behind the scenes, the on-line, radio and tv newsrooms at the national level have all been amalgamated into one unit.

The CBC has, to put it in CBC-talk, 're-imagined' all of their news programs and there are some interesting things to watch out for:

Some regional news will return to the night schedule. A ten minute local newscast will follow the new erect Peter National.
I noticed earlier this year that the lovely Amanda Lang, a U of M architect grad, had been wooed over from BNN. With her comes SqueezePlay co-host Kevin O'Leary. They made an entertaining duo over at BNN and should make CBCNN's business coverage a little more interesting with the Lang & O'Leary Exchange (weekdays at 4:30 p.m).

CBCNN's political beat has done away with former Don 'thanks for dumping my broad-caaast' Newman vehicle Politics and the BBC News simulcast in favour of a new show hosted by Evan Solomon, formerly of CBC Sunday. Power & Politics (5 p.m weekdays) will feature a cast of characters including Kady O'Malley, formerly of The Hill Times and Maclean's.

Mark Kelley, the National's former Correspondent for Nothing in Particular, gets a show called Connect which is going to 'involve' the public using new media such as Twitter, Skype, Facebook and I'm sure a few other social media apps that I have not yet heard of. Not sure about this one - I've yet to see a news segment or show featuring new media that doesn't come across as boring and awkward.

press for exploding pizza

I searched but there appears to be no return of the 'exploding pizza' gem ! Ah well, next round of changes, maybe.

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Anonymous said...

If it's Tuesday, it must be time for a CBC revamp / resched / rebrand.

Nothing is more tiresome than the constant waste of CBC dollars and energy on these endless, childish and tangential changes. What is this, the ninth? Twelfth? - shift in details in the last decade?

I don't care if it's a newsworld or a news network. I don't care if they have a five-tone audio identity. I don't care whether Mansbridge is erect or limp, or whether he uses a drape or downtown Dubai as a backdrop. I just want them to cover the goddamn news properly.

The one single change in all of this that actually has anything to do with their mandate is hiring Lang and O'Leary, who both bring (a) different and interesting (and in Lang's case, outrageously sexy) perspectives on the economy, none of which exists in the CBC now, and (b) actual experience in covering their beat. The economy is a beat. European politics is a beat. What people are saying on twitter or facebook is not a beat.

Invest money in that sort of change, and I might stop flinching every time I hear the word "CBC is changing..."

mrchristian said...

Nicely put.

john dylan rutherford said...

i am so excited to see amanda back! i can't stand that o'leary fellow and the 2 of them were the perfect combination of crazy jerk and reasonable manitoban. yay. i never would have known- thanks christian!