Tuesday, 27 October 2009

'Gloom' Not at All Flu Clinics

Nice panic reporting by CBC Manitoba on H1N1 lineups:

"The first day of H1N1 vaccination clinics across Winnipeg and most of Manitoba drew lineups nearly three hours long at some locations. There were reports Monday of some people getting frustrated with the wait in Winnipeg and walking away."

Their main reports from the city were from the two shopping mall locations: Grant Park and Portage Place. Yeah, those would be busy locations. Did you try any others ?

I called two people I knew who were high risk and were going to get the shot today. Both went, not to malls, but to community clinics and both reported no problems getting in and out. One went to Holy Eucharist Parish Hall on Monroe. She reports that "It was great and quite fast and staff were very organized and friendly".

Choosing what would be the absolute busiest locations and reporting to people who might want / need the shots to basically not bother - you might not even get in, is pretty piss-poor. Scoot the CBC vans, (remember, the new CBC News is all about
pace !), and you may have been able to report that steering clear of malls and hospitals to get your shots could get you in and out without hassles.

- Clinic locations in Manitoba
- Clinic locations is Winnipeg (mapped)

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