Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Glen4TO in the Race ?

Glen Murray is expected to announce in the coming days that he will be a candidate in the November 2010 Toronto mayoral election.

Aside from his campaigny-feeling facebook page, Murray now Twits with the moniker Glen4TO. Heck, he even has a personal trainer to help get him into performance mode, (note to potential future pols: GOOD idea !).

Murray, City Councillor from 1990 to 1998 and Winnipeg Mayor from 1998 to 2004, has seen his fortunes improve greatly in the past few days thanks, of all things, to the eHealth Monster that has been taking a Godzilla-like stroll through Ontario's politicos.

The immediate victim was sitting Minister of Health David Caplan who stepped down October 7, but the MinHealth on-duty while much of the Ontario eHealth kaka was happening was Ontario MPP and Deputy Premier George Smitherman. Before Miller had announced that he would not run again, Smitherman already made it known that he intended to take a shot at the job. With the eHealth Monster still on the prowl Smitherman is now reconsidering his leap to municipal politics.

So, that's one high profile candidate likely out.

John Tory
The other heavyweight contender is likely John Tory, now a radio host but former leader of the Ontario PC Party who flamed out when seeking a by-election seat in March.

Between the two men they were expected to suck up much of the media spotlight, fundraising opportunities and key political operatives around the GTA. If Smitherman bows out that would leave Tory, who has decades of Ontario political experience - aka: baggage, as the only Goliath in the race, leaving it to the media to choose a David.

Of sitting council members, the only person to officially sign up for the race is Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti. Coun. Karen Stintz announced today she would not be running. Counc. Shelley Carroll is still mulling it over.

Glen Murray
So, this leaves Murray in a bit of a sweet spot. The main stroke against him was his lack of a Toronto persona. Being a co-front runner will surely close a lot of that gap quickly, and cheaply.

Stay tuned !

**UPDATE: Murray to Run for MPP**

An historical aside....Winnipeg has had its own "serial mayor."

Francis Cornish
Francis Evans Cornish (1831-1878) was a colourful character with a love for stunts, disturbances and the drink. He served three times as Mayor of his native London,ON (1861 - 1864). In the 1870's he moved to Manitoba and became Winnipeg's first mayor serving one term (1874) before being elected to the Manitoba Legislature.

Cornish's Grave at Brookside Cemetery:


Stimpson said...

Great, an egomaniac and opportunist who forsook his NDP roots because he saw better career prospects with the Liberals now wants to be Top Dawg in Toronto.

Then again, I've been to T-O, and from what I could see that city deserves him.

Anonymous said...

Stimpson: you may not like Murray, but Toronto is a great city. So is Winnipeg. the hate-on for Toronto is silly and Canada's major cities need to embrace each other, not resort to parochial BS.

Stimpson said...

Yeah, you're right, Anonymous. The T-O crack was just a poor attempt at humour. But then again, you really shouldn't be so fucking sensitive.

Anonymous said...

Murray is doomed. No chance. But it'll sure feel good for him to have his name in the papers again.

He cries himself to sleep on days with no ink...

nick said...

No chance why? From what I've seen and heard from him, and by the accounts of two people who have worked with him in Toront, the man has a passion for cities, and seems to grasp what cities need to be, and do, to be successful in the 21st century... unlike many other mayors out there.

I can't wait for next year's election. I fully support Glen Murray, and expect to be supporting him come voting day here where I'll cast my ballot for him.

cherenkov said...

Toronto needs a colourful new logo. Glenn Murray has an outstanding track record of commissioning colourful logos. I think it's a good match.

By the way, Mr.C: I don't know if it's a typo or intentional, but I like your revision of the verb "tweets".

mrchristian said...

I prefer twats to tweets !

Mayors seem to come in two types: passionate about cities or boring bean-counters. If you could marry the two you'd have a great mayor.

Glen was certainly more the former but, maybe a few years away from the Winnipeg gig, more work on the policy side of things, might have rounded him out a bit.

What happens in TO, IMO, does matter. Being the biggest kid on the blog they can help (for better or worse) shape policy, best practises etc. nationally.