Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Digital Archive Dreams !

I spend a fair bit of time digging around digital archives. Even compared to a just a couple of years ago the amount of stuff, especially on-line, is mind-boggling.

Something cool announced this week: on November 1st, 2009 National Geographic is releasing a 6 DVD set of it's ENTIRE archive going back to October 1888 !! It's technically a re-release as NG did something similar in 1997 but backed down to enter into a legal battle over the rights of a publisher to publish free-lance work.

On a related note, her are some digital archives that I sometimes dig into. The full list can be found on the sidebar of my history blog.

Virtual Heritage Winnipeg

Winnipeg Tribune Archives

Alberta Heritage Digitization Project

Peel's Prairie Provinces

Library and Archives Canada

Images Canada

Smithsonian Online Collections

Library of Congress Image Collection

UNESCO World Digital Library

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