Friday, 9 October 2009

Cheap, Cute Animal Post

To end the week I am taking my cue from CTV Winnipeg and doing the cheap, old lady-friendly cute animal story.

I've seen the news about UVic's campus being overrun by once-domestic bunnies so I thought I would check it out. Oh my, they certainly did have bunnies. Hundreds upon hundreds of them. You can see in the pics that they are everywhere !!

It's a cute but sad story as they started out as unwanted pets that people chose to dump rather than take responsibility for.

UVic has been working on a rabbit management plan but the problem is breeding like rabbits and creating dangers on playing fields so a capture and adoption program is likely next on the management plan.

If UVic gets the bunny issue under control, there is another one that has been brewing: urban deer. On my visit I saw five in one hour !

I think they should just toss in a few pot-bellied pigs, call it UVic Petting Zoo and charge toursits to come see them ! After all, it could be worse....

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