Friday, 30 October 2009

Buildings Sold, For Sale Oct '09

My monthly - or so - wade through commercial stuff for sale in Winnipeg !

Food Stuffs:

Since my last 'for sale' post in early September I see that Winnipeg's mysterious, self proclaimed 'best burger restaurant' is still up for grabs !

If you have a sweet tooth, the Baskin and Robbins franchise in Portage Place is for sale ! If you prefer a bit more spice in your life perhaps Spice World on Main Street would be more to your liking ?!

JS Furniture:

Their former store at 640 Ellice Avenue has sold. JS moved recently to a new location further up Ellice to the 1700 block. I blogged about JS a while back when in a Uniter article about the West End retailers the store manager told them: I’ve been working here for 11 years and I have never seen a worse neighbourhood. You can talk till you’re blue in the face, it’s not going to change the atmosphere here”. Well, the 1700 block of Ellice is probably a better place for you, then. Enjoy your new neighbourhood.

It will be interesting to see who moves in. I don't know the square footage but you can see from the Googles that's it's a lot larger than your
average neighbourhood shop.

Calling All Hoteliers:
For the more adventurous types, the Sutherland Hotel is on the market. For $685k you can get a place to live, a brand new job with amenities such as karaoke, a full bar and restaurant that would beat anything that a suburban rec room could offer. Beat THAT for true live, work, play SKY Condominiums !

If you want to ease into the business in more peaceful surroundings check out the Southgate Hotel in Onanole or maybe this $1.2m Bed and Breakfast mansion in Elie - no karaoke set up at the latter, though.

Fit for a Princess:

For a cool $2m you can get yourself the former Penthouse Furniture Building on Princess.
If that's a bit too rich, for about a tenth of that you can score the storefront space at the Miller & Richardson Warehouse at 121-123 Princess (chunk a or chunk b). This is one of those nondescript, hidden buildings that I love. Often referred to as the Western Elevator Building for the sign still on the south side, it's recently been converted into condos "123 Princess Lofts" (see FreeP story). Here's a 1998 write-up of it's history from the City's Historic Buildings Committee.

Dauphin !
Train Ride from Churchill to Winnipeg
Beautiful place of the week: Dauphin's old Post Office (also former town hall). The ad in the Winnipeg Real Estate News is a little misleading. it says this fabulous 10,000 sq ft place is for sale at $99k. Though, when you check the realtor's listing, it's advertising a $249k main floor condo. I assume the $99k will get you a wee room in the attic. Still, a beautiful place in a town with some incredible old buildings (check out the historic walking tour brochure (pdf): this place is building is #5.


cancelbot said...

Great update!

A social agency located a couple of blocks away (next to the Ellice Cafe) will be moving into the JS Furniture building. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the group.

I'm glad there will be someone to fill the building, but in my opinion it's generally a loss for a neighbourhood when a wealth-generating business is replaced by social agencies. After all, look at what's become of Selkirk Avenue...

mrchristian said...

Perhaps the Jobs Works place ? I noticed that they seem to be renovating their place for something - fixing it up and the like. They do construction, hob skills etc. so that type of space might make sense.

Anonymous said...

West Central Women's Resource Centre is moving to the JS Furniture building. It will be a great change for them!