Saturday, 24 October 2009

Alert to 'Peg Bloggers: Piracy of Your Posts

Hmmmm ... I noticed today that someone has started a blog called Winnipeg Time
at http://winnipegtime.blogspot.com/, slapped a bunch of ads all over it and then, in a master stroke of time and brain-power savings, has proceeded to copy and paste word-for-word and picture-by-picture posts by Winnipeg bloggers.

I haven't scrolled through the hundreds of posts that have been skimmed dating from last Tuesday right back to 2007. In August alone, though, I found over 200 of my posts from This Was Winnipeg, Downtown Places and Dumplings.

I have also noticed dozens of posts from places like Siamandas' Winnipeg Time Machine (sample 1, sample 2), Winnipeg Love or Hate (sample 1 sample 2) and a lot of the news posts look like they may be from Chris.D. There are many I do not immediately recognize the source of, including many images.

If you blog about Winnipeg you may want to check it out. Google has an online form that you can complain about poaching to.


Dalila said...

Ow! That is terrible! I can't find anything of mine so far but there is a tonne of your stuff. I am using the Report Abuse link to let google know about this.

ve said...

yes.. my blog will deleting.
now... winnipegtime.com is deleted