Saturday, 26 September 2009

Toronto's Mayor Murray ?!

With the news that David Miller is hanging up his, well, whatever hangable item that a Toronto Mayor gets while in office, the race is shaping up for his replacement.

The Toronto Star went light on the issue yesterday but Torontoist.com came out and named four possibles including Murray who they refer to as a the 'outside, dark-horse candidate' ! The Globe and Mail also include Murray as a possibility and he confirmed to The Globe that he has been approached.

hey, wait a sec...
Ahh, yes. That Glen Murray !

Murray, a columnist and head of the Canadian Urban Institute, may not have the profile yet that he did here when he ran but with no incumbent and a fairly thin batch of possible council members that would be seen as serious contenders - stranger things have happened.

The election is not until November 8, 2010. In the era of 60 minute, or less, media cycles you can strengthen a profile pretty quickly.

Glen Murray eyes Toronto mayor's job WFP 28 Sept
Murray to Run for MPP CBC Dec 3

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Anonymous said...

If Glen thinks all the people who have fresh dirt out here would just sit on it simply because he's running in Toronto, he's got to be just as delusional as ever.