Sunday, 13 September 2009

Takin' It To The Streets !

A couple of nice street festivals this weekend in the 'Peg.

Saturday was the
Sherbrook Street Festival. Bands, displays, artists and great music. The beer garden was a nice touch as I had just pulled in from five hours on the road and, man, did I need a beer and some music !!

Of course,
Impromptu Dancing Guy was there to take in the festivities !

Sunday was Winnipeg's first
Ciclovia. Perfect timing for this given that the summer festival weather was held over !
Bike Polo !Fine Dining at Memorial and Broadway !Some of my pet projects were there.

Streetcar 356 Restoration Committee:It was a great weekend to get out and about. I hope everyone got a chance to spend some time on the streets !


John Dobbin said...

You forgot about the riot after the Marilyn Manson concert on Portage.

mrchristian said...

Ooh, didn't hear about that one. I was out most of the weekend !

cancelbot said...

Judging from the footage on the CTV late news, the "riot" seemed to consist of a dozen or so teenagers running through traffic on Portage, and possibly breaking a piece of plate glass on a bus shelter.

mrchristian said...

Well you know if even CTV downplays it there mustn't been a lot to it !