Monday, 21 September 2009

Manitoba Road Trip Sept '09

What a great September ! Over the past three weekends it's been a combination of both getting out and getting things done before this wonderful summer weather ends. I haven't been keeping up with uploading photos so here are some odds and ends from my camera ... sorry for the bad photos, the weather was an odd mix of ready-to-rain, then bright but cloudy. Not a great combination !

On September 7th I hopped in my car and hit the back roads on a meandering journey to see where I'd end up - my favourite sort of road trip !

Cannon School, an abandoned one-room schoolhouse near Sperling MB, but really in the middle of nowhere. I assume from the graveyard that there was once a church there as well:
Near the graveyard there was a cairn to the pioneers who settled there:
Former Sperling Legion:
LaSalle MB Church:
My mid-way point was Carman. A beautiful town. If you like architecture, it's a fabulous place. Wonderful old buildings and houses.

Carman's former train station, now arts centre:

Carman Memorial Hall:Carman Library:
Carman bandshell:
Okay, one day I am going to write a ranty post about the "tinnification" of rural Manitoba towns. Great main streets with wonderful old buildings, Rivers and Russell come to mind, but sometime, somehow, people got it in their heads that aluminum siding was the best way to coat their main drag as some hommage to the old Beaver Lumber sheds. I caught the act of tinnification in progress in Carman:
Another former one-room schoolhouse. This one on Hwy 3 just outside Carman:
Domain, MB. Hey, these guys used to be at Air Canada Park:
Staying on the school theme - Domain School:
Sanford MB:
What better way to end off a road trip than ice cream ! Roxy's in Oak Bluff:


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