Tuesday, 29 September 2009

It's Council Time Again ! Updated

After breaking for the month of August city council is back tomorrow at 9:30 am.

This likely won't be a barn burner but you never know ! Kives will live-twittle the meeting or you can catch it on ShawTV. Heck, why not take some of it in in-person !

Here are the players. Here's the agenda. Here are some notables:

Trash Ahoy
Not yet on the agenda is the awarding of the north-west garbage contract to BFI, aka the 'garbage cart issue'. The item IS on EPC's agenda prior to council so, unless the hordes descend on City Hall, it will likely be passed and carry on to council.

PFrog points out, will likely take on a nasty life of it's own once passed. ("They'll have to pry my trashcan from my cold, dead fingers").

Gas Pain
The city's fuel contract for 2010 will go to Petro-Canada. Estimated worth: $22m plus. Youch ! (EPC Sept 9 #2).

Disraeli Debentures
Approve the borrowing of $75m, repayable over 30 years, for the Disraeli Bridge project. (EPC Sept 23 #2).

The Intrepid Way
Pass the renaming of Water Avenue to 'William Stephenson Way' (P&D Sept. 8 #1).

Landfill Housing
If you follow Waverley West correct me if I have this wrong. There's the second and third reading of an amendment to the Waverley West Northeast Neighbourhood Plan. The Manitoba Housing Renewal Corp will take over, for $1, a portion of the former landfill site to create 112 new houses. It appears to reduce the amount of park space but, in exchange, will get the former landfill space, (designated future 'open space'), off the city's hands. The developer will be responsible for any remediation of the site. (P&D Sep 8 #5).

A Nicer Place to Read
Bathroom a bit out of date ? The adoption of the Residential Toilet Replacement Credit Program will be voted on. The program is expected to be rolled out in Mid October. Save $60 on your water bill if you get a more water friendly toilet. (SPC Sep 23 #3).

Fair Transit Fares
In the absence of Nick Ternette, Emily Ternette will be appearing on behalf of th issue of 'Future Transit Fares and Low Income Transit Passes'. This issue has been bandied about the admin since late 2008. Ternette was pushing for the city to look into a package of low income and off-peak fares. Transit points out that the province offers transport allowances for low income people and that off-peak fares might be looked at when the new electronic fare system is fully implemented.

Rather than bite the bullet the committee is recommending it goes back into the bowels of the administration for another 180 days to cook. This looks to be the third or fourth referral for the sake of referral. (IRPW Sep 15 #1).

Now Whistle-Free
For those who bought a house near a rail crossing only then to realize "holy shit, trains make noise !", you're in luck. The city has reached an agreement with CP for John Bruce Road and Callsbeck Ave crossings forbidding trains to whistle. They will also vote to proceed with negotions to do the same thing for the crossing 700m east of Kenaston and Sterling Lyon Parkway.


Here's how some of this stuff panned out...

Council delays debate on automated garbage-bin plan WFP
Trash carts plan derailed CBC

Water Avenue name-change approved WFP

Council approves Disraeli borrowing plan WFP

Winnipeg councillors approve environmental strategies WFP

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Fat Arse said...

Excellent and useful post. For those of us who have been distracted by other developments it is important to remind us that these clowns are back in session & that what they are doing/approving/passing impacts all our lives.

As an aside, I noticed in the pic of your porcelain flusher that there was no reading material in evidence... what's up with that?