Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Buildings Sold, For Sale, Zoning Changes

I came across some property movement of note.

Here are some that have sold:

- The old DA Matthews Building at 167 Logan. Notable in that I've always thought that under those 20 coats of paint it might look rather nice. Also, it has a huge traffic volume passing it everyday as it backs onto the Disraeli.
- The Church of Science on River. This sold a while back. I wonder if someone is just sitting on the land.

- The Brick's Fine Furniture Building on Lombard.

On the for sale front, the city has cleared out any city centre and west end property for sale. Actually, other than a couple of vacant lots there's not much going on the city site.

On Henderson the front portion of the former Kelvin CC land is still up for grabs.

- Apparently the city's "Best Burger" joint is up for sale after 17 years. The name is secret - anyone know who it is ?

- There's apparently part of Osborne Village that Basil doesn't already own. For $2m you can get yourself the old Die Maschine !
The leasing steal of the month is on Osborne Street where for $0.00 a month this could be yours ! I might look at that one myself - the price is right !

On stuff still to come, leasing for what will be the revamped Brick's Fine Furniture Bulidng has begun:
Now, here to the West End: The old Grey Goose garage on Burnell Street is splitting up ! After years of trying to sell they've applied to rezone the parking lot north of it from residential to commercial and at least sell that part off. It was originally housing as can be seen in this 1957 pic !


cancelbot said...

Great rundown! It's very interesting to see what's going on around town.

Just one question: are you sure that the Lombard property is the Grain Exchange Annex's replacement? It looks a lot like the to-be-redeveloped Brick Fine Furniture building to me...

eric said...

I'm thinking the burger joint could be the Burger Factory location on Portage Ave - it's got a different name at the moment but I noticed a for sale sign on the front of the property last weekend.

mrchristian said...

cbot: goot call. That is Brick's - not the Grain Exchange Annex (that's why I get for typing these up in the wee hours !)

@ eric: That could be - The Burger Factory though did change it's name a couple of years back. I can't remember what it is now - Portage Burgers or something like that.