Thursday, 27 August 2009

Chicago Alt News

Keeping on the local media topic, Chicago has a couple of neat projects on the go.
ChicagoNow, a blog network, has recently launched. It's part forum, part local news /opinion and, given some of the recent advertising stunts by the 70 or so member blogs, part fun.

What's interesting is that the creator of ChicagoNow is the Tribune Media Group, the employee-owned company that owns 10 daily papers, 23 tv stations and even the Chicago Cubs. They describe ChicagoNow this way: Targeted to niche audiences, Chicago Now features a collection of socially relevant blogs designed to bring engaged audiences into Chicago Tribune Interactive’s digital brands. More about ChicagoNow.

The other is ChiTown Daily News.

It's been around for three years but lately has grown based on partnerships with journalism foundations. It's led by four full-time journalists with 80 community journalists trained by the site. The result is a good quality journey through the neighbourhoods and issues in Chicago.

Similar to The NY Times City Room new blog, rather than beating the topic of crime to death, the sections include: Housing, Transit, Education, Neighbourhoods, Culture, Politics and Environment to give the sense that Chicago is a three-dimensional town.

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