Thursday, 20 August 2009

Alberta Has Spirit, too.

For those that kvetched and moaned about Manitoba's branding exercise of a couple of years back, especially those who STILL can't get over it, Alberta's done it and the program looks awfully similar to Manitoba's.

We're in the first summer of of the Alberta with "Freedom to Create. Spirit to Achieve." Can you feel the spirit ?!

Old Logo:
Old Slogan: "Alberta Advantage"

Why a new brand:
"The perception of Alberta at home and abroad has a profound impact on the success of our province. It affects exports to world markets, sways investment load and influences our tourism and immigration draw".

Tagline for brand search committee: “We must tell the world about the promise of Alberta.”

Companies involved: Calder Bateman Communications (based in Edmonton) and Identica (offices in Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, New York, Irvine, Los Angeles, London, Moscow and Shanghai).

Cost of brand search:

2008 searched, April 2009

Slogan: Freedom to Create. Spirit to Achieve

Description of Logo: Alberta's new logo has been developed to speak to the freedom to create and the spirit to achieve. Such a promise calls for a unique logo approach. It requires a signature that measures up to the Albertan attitude: open, aspirational, strong, dynamic, and genuine. The essence of people realizing possibilities inspires a signature with personality. It strives to tell the true Albertan story.

Cost of Promotion Campaign: $25m over three years ($5m in '09, $10m for '10 and '11)

WTF Moment: Campaign
found using photo of the Northumberland, U.K. sea coast as one of it's advertising images.

The Campaign: Most aspects of the roll-out have been quite similar to Spirited Energy. You have your banners at "Brand Ambassador" locations like Commonwealth Stadium:

You can 'meet' interesting Albertans and hear their stories. There are smiling youth telling people about the brand using videos, facebook etc.
Spirited Energy's bill came in at $2.8m (2004 -2007), $300k of which was private money. The slogan creation took $600,000 of that and the promotion took up the rest.

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Anonymous said...

It'd be even creepier if you included one of those multicolored, green-shade Spirited Energy posters, which have a rather eerie similarity to the Alberta banner you have above.

I guess "Spirit" must be a fashionable word in marketing circles.

mrchristian said...

I think Montana uses Spirited as well.

I did look for a green background banner but they all seem to be in red now !