Thursday, 2 July 2009

Bermuda Triangle on Portage

You know, city planning department staff often get the crap end of the stick in this town. Another case of the planners being correct, doing what they're paid to do, but the politicos overriding it and creating future headaches.

Field too small, a 3 metre high chain fence, pollutants in the kids' lungs ? Meh - as long as I get my photo op !

Would-be school field too tiny? Winnipeg Free Press July 2

In a May 6 memo to planning and property director .... (they) suggest the triangle of land is not large enough to house a junior high soccer field or amateur baseball diamond, let alone regulation sporting fields....The planners also fear the potential for accidents if balls or students wind up in heavy traffic and say a chain-link fence no less than three metres high would have to be erected around the triangle.

"This would create a real penitentiary feel to the space, not the inviting appearance we'd like attributed to our parks," they write. "For active open space, particularly for sports fields, this would not be considered an ideal site. In addition to the traffic and safety concerns, we'd have some concerns about the environment of gas and fumes that circles the site. Perhaps the health department could do a measurement of particulates in the air."

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