Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Technology-ish Dumplings

Girl Parts.
The Guardian tells of a funny on-line ad campaign making the rounds. It features Zack, a 16 year old, who wakes up one day with a vagina. The product ? Tampax !

For the Love of Pugs.
Forget H1N1. If you're a pug dog you've been fretting about H3N8 ever since it jumped from horses to dogs a few years back. Now, a doggy-flu vaccine approved for use !

Smiles, everybody. Smiles.

Assuming that plastic grins are a great form of customer service, a rail company in Japan is using
something called Smile Scan. Employees smile for the monitor before they start their shift and the software scores them then gives tips for improvement.

The Doctor stored under the bed.

A California group is working on an in-home monitor that will give you the basics of a medical check-up. Use it to take and record your blood pressure, weight, temperature, oxygen level and pulse. The computer will ask you if you've been feeling depressed, taking your meds regularly etc. If there's a red flag, it can set you up an appointment. If all is well, you can go on your merry way.

It's about as personal as what you get from a visit to a walk in clinic and you don't have to worry about what you'll catch in the waiting room. See San Fran Chronicle

All in Your Head ?
If your home monitor says that you're fit as a fiddle, the problem might be mental. A researcher from the Anxiety Disorders Clinic at McMaster in Hamilton recently presented MACSCREEN, an-online program that asks you questions to determine if you might need professional help from a doctor or therapist.

The site is www.macanxiety.com the story is at the Stratford Beacon-Herald.

Technology and Old Books.
Retuers reports that The surviving parts of the world's oldest Bible were reunited online Monday, generating excitement among scholars striving to unlock its mysteries. For the story, including video.

Last week I watched an episode of NOVA Science NOW that featured Luis von Ahn, a professor who specializes in Games of Purpose. One game, called 'ESP', is being used to help transcribe 125 -150 historic books per day for posting on the internet. More on that here.

Experimental Video in the Pool
Here's a link to the Winnipeg Video Pool Video Gallery. Some interesting shorts there !

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