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H1N1 Update for June 9 @ 5 pm

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From the Health Agencies

MB Public Health
July 8 Release MB deaths at 6 with 787 cases (102 more than Jul 6)

July 7 Release new strain of influenza detected in Sask.
July 8 Update 9,429 cases, 878 hospitalizations, 37 deaths.

July 8 News Release Viruses resistant to Tamiflu
No update in cases since July 6 (94,512)

Jul 8 Release Recommendations for State and Local Planning for Vaccination Program

From the MEDIA
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***Friends mourn pastor felled by flu National Post 8 Jul 2009
The most difficult thing about H1N1 is when you see your loved one suffering

***Paramedics prep for swine flu surge in fall CBC
Jul 9

***Medics ready for fall flu onslaught WFP
Jul 9
"Based on statistical models, 30 to 40 per cent of our staff could be ill and -- this is an absolute worst-case scenario -- we could have four or five of our own staff die. We're planning for overwhelming call volumes and basically trying to do the impossible with nearly half our staff."

Toronto H1N1 Summit Coverage

Disease experts talk swine flu in Toronto
The Canadian Press Jul 08
About 200 infectious disease experts have gathered in Toronto to discuss the H1N1 flu virus that has become a global pandemic.

New flu virus needs to be watched The Canadian Press Jul 8
A brand new virus diagnosed in at least two Sask hog farm workers will likely burn out with those cases, but public health authorities need to keep a wary eye on the virus in case it spreads, a leading Canadian infectious disease expert warns.

Anyone who develops serious flu-like symptoms should seek immediate medical attention, because no one can predict when swine flu will turn life-threatening in otherwise healthy people, infectious disease experts are warning.

Canada-related media
Swine flu hits Alta. children’s hospital Calgary Herald July 7
An outbreak of swine flu at the Alberta Children’s Hospital has forced health officials to isolate sick patients as they rush to contain the spread of the new virus.

Taking aim at websites offering questionable treatment National Post July 8

Source of new flu virus on Canada farm unclear
Reuters Jul 8
Canadian officials don't know how two Canadian hog farm workers contracted a new flu virus, as the pigs tested so far on the farm where they work have demonstrated a common flu strain, not the new virus.

Workers' flu not linked to pandemic but pork producers worry CBC Jul 8
Pork producers from across Canada expressed concern about the future of their industry Wednesday, a day after a new strain of flu virus was reported in three Sask hog barn workers.

Updated H1N1 statistics hard to come by Globe and Mail ‎Jul 7

When Canadians started falling ill with the strain of influenza that has become a global pandemic, PHAC committed to providing updated statistics on the spread of the disease three times a week.

Health officials say strike hindering swine-flu work Toronto Star July 3
Public health officials are concerned that the Toronto civic workers' strike is hobbling pandemic planning efforts for the fall.

**WHO: Just Assume It's Swine Flu Los Angeles Times, Jul 8
Within the next few days, the WHO will suggest that countries with major outbreaks of swine flu move away from laboratory confirmation of cases and toward larger, national indicators of disease, such as the number of people with flu-like symptoms and cases of pneumonia, Dr. Keiji Fukuda, WHO assistant director-general, said Tuesday in a telephone news conference.

**Swine flu summit: Gov't checks state readiness
AP Jul 9
The Obama administration put the states on notice Thursday: Swine flu vaccinations are likely to be ready this fall with the looming threat of the disease's resurgence, so figure out now how to deliver them.

**U.S. plans for autumn vaccination campaign
Reuters Jul 9
The US is planning for a vaccination campaign against the new H1N1 flu that could move into schools and community centers, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said on Thursday.

Swine flu resistance testing to grow after US case
AP July 8
U.S. health officials are stepping up testing of swine flu cases for Tamiflu resistance, now that an American has come down with a resistant strain.

Health Departments Get Mixed Marks For Using Web To Communicate About Crisis
medicalnewstoday.com July 08
State and local health departments get mixed marks for efforts to convey information about the H1N1 virus to the public using their Web sites immediately after U.S. officials declared a public health emergency in April

International Agencies Try to End Flu Naming Wars ScienceMag.org July 7
Repeat after me: "Pandemic H1N1 2009." That's the new name three international agencies, including the WHO, have picked to end the chronic confusion about what to call the influenza pandemic and the virus that causes it. But some scientists are only half-happy with the solution.

Argentines question government as flu spreads Reuters July 8
Argentines are questioning the government's handling of an H1N1 flu outbreak that has killed 60 people amid confusion over the number of cases and accusations that officials acted too slowly.

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