Thursday, 16 July 2009

Elie's Straw Bale 'Subdivision' is Going !

Not Exactly As Illustrated !

Wow, a rather decrepit prairie landmark is on the way out. The thousands of straw bales left over from the Isobord, then Dow Chemical, plant at Elie are actually starting to disappear ! Some of those piles have been around for a decade or so - the landscape will look refreshingly empty soon, not to mention a huge fire and rodent hazard gone.

I found this glowing 1998 story about the soon-to-be-opened 215k square foot, $140m plant.
It's too bad that it did not survive. A buddy of mine is in the building materials biz in Western Canada and said that the market for the material was at times strong but they could just never supply enough when needed. People began to doubt that what they ordered would come on time.


cherenkov said...

Watch out for the PETA protests about the loss of suitable housing for mice!

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