Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A Bit of Blog-Cleaning After Year One !

It's been a whole year since taking to the 'blogosphere' ! What started as a few history posts on my web page has become a collection of blogs instead. I much prefer multiple blogs over mushing everything together in one place. So far I've managed not to drive myself crazy !

I've been doing a bit of clean-up and rearranging of late:

- I've moved the H1N1 updates off to a separate site. In case you're wondering 'why H1N1 !?', I have to do the scans for my workplace and thought that others might find them of use, so I started posting them. The updates seem to like it better in a new place all to themselves !

- The 1919 General Strike blog still has more to come. There are some new sources and bits of information I want to go back and add to the existing dates. Also, I want to add coverage of the aftermath and trials. Initially, the plan was to dissolve that blog into This Was Winnipeg, as they are both date-specific, but I think I will keep 1919 as a separate entity.

- As for This Was Winnipeg, I've been adding heritage news, events and updating the history links as there are new sites popping up all the time. There are new-found events to add to the existing dates and I will "restart" the day-by-day feature so that your history comes fresh to you each day ! This will take place later in the summer.

- I have started a new blog ! WDT: A Winnipeg Downtown Blog. It's something that I have been piddling away on for a couple of months but have just 'uncloaked' it. WDT is meant to be a reference site rather than a commentary site: part building index; part photo page; part project tracker with some resource and news links tossed in. It is set up the way I originally envisioned my flickr photo site working. I've long given up hope that I will ever organize my photos so, instead, I will use WDT to act as a go-between to showcase the buildings and other places around downtown.

- Finally, West End Dumplings. This will still be my day-to-day blog. Looking back over the year, I guess the biggest change that I have noticed is that it has become more 'noozy'. I have just added a 'news' section to the sidebar for me to put my 'daily dumplings' in. I have also been working at keeping the resource links as current as possible. I hope they are a useful resource.

Well, year one down. What will the site look like in a year ? Will blogs even be around then ?! We'll see !


cancelbot said...

Here's a big thank you for your efforts.

At this rate you'll soon have more networks than the CBC!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. You've done a great job archiving the 'pegs history.

The Great Canadian Talk Show said...

You compile some very valuable content and historical perspectives about the local scene and your efforts are very appreciated.

mrchristian said...

Thanks for the comments, folks ! I really enjoy putting this stuff together and glad that tehy are of interest.

@cbot - yes, but the first time three of me show up at the same event to cover it I'll put the blogging on hold and seek professional help !