Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Councilmania Update !

Today at 9:30 am Councilmania (if it starts before 10 I'll eat my mouse!). There's live coverage and a twatting Kives here on the Free Press site. It's also on ShawTV.

Some story updates since the original post:

Water Utility:
Duelling utility motions before council today Winnipeg Free Press
Citizens rally against new water utility last night CJOB
No such thing as free water Globe and Mail
Going private St. John's Telegram

Grain Exchange Annex:
Grain Exchange Annex and new parkade can co-exist reganwolfrom.wordpress.com

Original Post (19/07/09 11:16 PM):
This Wednesday's council meeting should be a guddun'. High-rises in a residential neighbourhood, demolition of an historic building, multi-million dollar land swaps, "privatizing" water ?! Man, if someone from the zoo would only bring a dancing elephant Shaw could probably make this one pay-per-view !

What a fight card !

City Council Meeting July 22 @ 9:30 am Council Chambers

The meeting agenda, see page 2 for delegations. To appear as a delegation you must notify City Clerk's before 4:30pm Tuesday.

Issues of Note:

Fort Garry Land Swap - The city, developers, 3500 townhouses, Winnipeg Hydro, Winnipeg Transit. A stew of groups involved in this one. Bart figures it out here. The latest is here.

Whellams Lane Hi Rises - After giving up last year, the North K towers came back and got EPC approval.

Grain Exchange Annex Demolition - EPC fired up the bulldozer, council just has to shift it into drive. For pics now and proposed.

City Infrastructure Deficit Report - a billion here, a billion there, it all adds up !

Water Ute - At EPC alone there were 30 delegates to speak out, most against, plus a demonstration. What could a full council meeting bring ? See here and here.

And if that's not enough, EPC has a special meeting planned for 9 am to discuss reallocation from capital projects for Community Centres and the Millennium Library / Parkade renovation. That could mean an unforseen gem or two making it to the floor:

Councilmania indeed ! Let's get it on !

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Alex Reid said...

As usual, the powers that be slams through another massive move without consulting the public.

It's summer and City Councillors have one week to prep themselves on the issues and decide.