Monday, 8 June 2009

Volunteering and Donating

The 2007 stats for volunteerism and donating are out.

For financial donations, Manitoba still ranks among the highest per-capita givers in the country (though we were at number one for a while, yes ?):
Alberta ($596) NWT ($550) Yukon ($530) Manitoba ($520).

Where does that cash go ? Mostly to religious based organizations:

As for volunteerism, another prairie province takes the prize: Saskatchewan at 59% then Yukon (58%), PEI (56%) and Nova Scotia (55%).

Be sure to get the kids involved - it pays off in the ling run:

"According to the survey, people were more likely to volunteer and donate to charities or non-profit organizations later in life if they had participated in a range of community or youth activities during their primary or secondary schooling. These activities included participating in student government, a religious organization, a youth group such as girl guides or scouts, or an organized team sport."


cherenkov said...

Religion is destroying the world! All of that money going to a church when it could be going towards helping the poor. Shameful!

mrchristian said...

It depends upon how broadly they define religious. Siloam Mission, Mennonite Central Committee, the Sally Ann, I assume, would fall into that category.