Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Urban Dumplings

A few history-related urban dumplings.

1. I really enjoyed Doors Open 2009. I even volunteered for some of it. I haven't uploaded all my pics but here are a couple of things I saw:

Above: Aboriginal Centre on Higgins

Above: Ukrainian Labour Temple

2. June 2009 is Story of London month, a sort of Doors Open on a grand scale. How do you take a city like London and try to her story ? There are the historic tours and re-enactments but participants are also urged to: Take your pick from hundreds of events across the capital, ranging from art, architecture and fashion to film, history, literature, music and theatre.

Perhaps we could turn Doors Open into a wider discussion about our city with lectures, architectural displays, art tours etc. as part of the mix. Perhaps do that the following weekend and make it a "Story of Winnipeg" week.

(Related media from BBC News)

3. The answer is: Québec ! Yes, la belle province gets the top grade, a B+, for the amount of Canadian History it teaches. The score is from the Dominion Institute Canadian History Report Card (related media). Next in line: BC (B); YK (B); ON (B); MB (B-); NS (C+); NB (C-); NU (D). Riding in on the fail boat are Nfld and PEI.

The Institute's past Canadian history polls have pointed out that 26% of us did not know the year of Confederation and that 40% could not place Sir John A. as the first prime minister.

4. At the New York Historical Society this month there is an interesting photo exhibition: Harlem, 1970-2009: Photographs by Camilo José Vergara.

Slate's article
The Harlem That Was. Photographs of New York's most interesting neighborhood in its most neglected age includes a partial slideshow andinterview with Vergara about the changes he has seen in Harlem since the early 70's - for better and for worse.

5. Shameless plug but the Winnipeg General Strike is in the final days. Keep up on all the news !

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