Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Urban Dumplings: Our Livable Cities, WiFi the Disraeli & 'Minnipeg' ?'

1. Liveable Cities: Canada and Australia took the majority of top ten "Most Liveable Cities" spots as rated by The Economist. Hmm .. mebbe I won't put a deposit down on that "Spring Break - Abidjan 2010" trip I've been eyeing.

2. WiFi for the new Disraeli Bridge ? We're still debating over whether the homeless really need washrooms or not, but in San Fran they are addressing the 21st century issue of staying connected while homeless. As the gentleman in the story, who lives in a van under a bridge, says:

Under the Disraeli
"You don't need a TV. You don't need a radio. You don't even need a newspaper, but you need the Internet."

Minnipeg: I was at the Chicago Architecture Institute last year and had bittersweet feelings. Wonderful that they celebrate their built history (though it took a lot of struggle and demolitions to get to that point) yet a bit sad in that we have many similar buildings, some built by the same architects and firms, but many still have a sense that they are a hindrance to downtown development.

I saw version of a model of "The Loop" not sure if it's the same one they're talking about here. They are now using digital imaging to print the image of each building onto the models in such detail that some buildings take 40-70 hours to do !

Now THAT would be something neat for The Exchange and Downtown. Start back in 1900 and move up to 2010. Cool. Actually, we could probably start with decent building photo index

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