Friday, 26 June 2009

Urban Dumplings for June 26

Murder Map: Now THIS is an interactive crime map. The NY Times plotted their city's murders since 2003. Well done.

Attention U.S. Urban Blacks: There is a new campaign called Greater Than AIDS "...a national movement to mobilize Black Americans in response to AIDS and promote specific calls-to-action to prevent and reduce the further spread of HIV" (news release).

About half of all new cases in the US are among blacks, despite being just 12% of the population. A good sign found in research done by the Kaiser Foundation: Blacks, much more than their Latino or white counterparts, are willing to talk about HIV/AIDS with partners or a caregiver, willing to get tested and feel that it is a problem for their respective community.

Greater Than AIDS want to capitalize on this awareness and use celebrity spots, PSAs and events like concerts and basketball tourneys, to reach their goal of 1 million Blacks tested for HIV/AIDS by June 27, 2010.

Bay Street Then and Now: I wonder how many prairie folk have suffered whiplash when walking for the first time down the fjord-like Bay Street ?! ROB magazine has a couple of identical aerial shots 25 years apart to show how much more they've squeezed in there since 1984 !
While you're at it, might as well check out ROB's memorable moments in business news from the past quarter century. Ahhh...the portable phone: "Every ring of the cellular phone confirms the upward mobility of its owner". Indeed.

(By the way,
"the brick" is making a comeback !)

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