Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Urban Dumplings for June 23

More than just public housing: Last year I wrote Public Housing...More Than Bricks and Mortar about some of the above-and-beyond things that public housing agencies are doing nowadays, be it in Regent Park in Toronto or right here in Manitoba. Here is an interesting "add-on" being done in Chicago:

CHA program helps families save money and rebuild their lives: The Chicago Housing Authority's Family Self Sufficiency initiative has helped 608 participants save $5.6 million for housing, education and other needs. Eighteen graduated from the program yesterday.

Damn, someone beat me to it ! Despite best attempts otherwise, Brandon has managed to hold onto a few of it's great heritage buildings. The Massey Building in Brandon is a favourite of mine (sorry, I can't find a decent pic of it anywhere !). It's great news that after sitting underutilized for many years that it will be converted to affordable housing with the co-operation of the governments, the Brandon Mental Health Association, Habitat for Humanity and the Friendship Centre. (Also see)

A few years back I go to see what the BMHA did with this, once derelict, block in the downtown which is now housing. Great stuff !

Party like it's 1909: The Wall Street Journal has a great feature about the 1909 Chicago city plan in Chicago, City Without Limits: Celebrating 100 years of urban elegance and the plan that started it all".
The plan, by Daniel Brinham, was to show the world that the people of Chicago “must ever recognize the fact that their city is without bounds or limits,” and that they themselves are “a population capable of indefinite expansion.

Design New Haven: I'm going to add this to my blogroll. An interesting blog about design and urban affairs in downtown New Haven, Connecticut. There seems to be a lot of neat stuff going on. Also check out the NY Times Magazine story from a few months back "It's a wonderful block".

And a couple of non-urban dumplings too:

Real News: This Hour has 22 Minutes was a North American forerunner in mock news. Since then, a number of programs, including the Daily Show and Colbert Report, continue to blur the line between real and imaginary news. It was only a matter of time until: former CNN anchor Bobbie Batista has joined the cast of The Onion News Network as an anchor.

Jon and Who? I never even got to figure out who the hell Jon and Kate were, aside from the fact that they had some tv show that I never heard of. Now, there's news that they are getting divorced. I guess I'll never know now. How do I know ? I don't get CNN at home but when I was eating out yesterday CNN covered the "news" as if it were the Obamas or Charles and Camilla getting divorced. Over to you, Bobbie ...

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