Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Tech / Health Dumplings: Particpants Required !

Some interesting items I've come across in the last couple of days:

1. Happy ? Soo Happy !

Men, are you thinking about retirement, or know someone who is ? Get a hobby NOW. A new study shows that
men are planning for financial security in retirement but not for happiness. Women put a lot more effort into their future leisure time activities and making sure that they have the good health to enjoy them.

2. Economic Specs.
Want to boost to the global economy ? When you're spring cleaning get rid of those old prescription glasses (many optometrists have a box). This
WHO bulletin says that billions of dollars are lost to local economies every year due to visual impairments. More about how More eyeglasses could help global economy in this Reuters article.

3. Less Crime, Less Babies
In "drop outs: a public safety issue" I wrote about the correlation between staying in school and a drop in criminal activity. An Oregon State study, to be published next month, reports on the unexpected side result of a youth crime study they were conducting: criminal behavior intervention reduces teen pregnancy.

The results are a 20% difference between girls in regular foster care and those in a specialized crime behavior intervention programming. More in this MNT story.

4. Ready to do your part ?
This is cool ! From Reuters:

Public asked to help monitor life on earth
Scientists asked people around the world on Monday to help compile an Internet-based observatory of life on earth as a guide to everything from the impact of climate change on wildlife to pests that can damage crops.

Encyclopedia of Life project is now online. You can check out what's being submitted or submit something yourself to the database. Also, check out their blog.

5. Thanks to Stimpson for pointing this out...

The Oprah-fication of medicine
is also a hot science topic this week. Also see Oprah's website of woo---can it change? and Newsweek's What Oprah Gets Right On Dieting and Nutrition.

Does this mean that my weekly rosewater colonics can come to an end ;-)


Stimpson said...

Newsweek's story on Oprah Winfrey's promotion of bad science, and the blog reaction at Pharyngula and Discover and elsewhere, is another big science-related story that's also entertaining.

mrchristian said...

Cool - thanks ! I will check those out !

I see some of the Oprah story here as well http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/?p=497