Monday, 1 June 2009

Media Dumplings

Some media-related items that caught my interest in the past couple of days....

House of Commons Meets The F Word
Damn, I was watching this news conference for a bit this morning but missed the translator's meltdown ! I wonder if she were translating in the other direction if she'd have to swear in french ?

Contracted out media ? well, if you're just going to take wire copy and press releases and toss them into your paper, why not ?!:

Made in India, but Published in New Haven (New York Times) A weekly newspaper in Connecticut tried an experiment in outsourcing, with interesting results. The Advocate, the usual alternative weekly mix of listings, personal ads, entertainment news and local reporting, wasn’t the first publication to wonder whether you could do local journalism without local journalists.

The Other Black Despite the gloom and doom I read this about a small BC media company actually doing well in these times. Part of the secret: get back to LOCAL news in local papers:

Black’s Magic (Maclean's) Newspapers around the world are in free fall, but B.C.’s little-known media baron has a model that just might point the way to the future.

The S word The H1N1 outbreak has brought about a debate
over science reporting. Most media don't have a science or medical beat. Do they get the story right ?

H1N1 flu virus not an extremely serious condition, most doctors say
(Canada NewsWire) The majority (66%) of GPs believe that the H1N1 situation was overblown by the media, and almost one-half (48%) of Canadians agree with this sentiment.

Quebec health minister lashes out at media over breast cancer report (Globe and Mail) Yves Bolduc said media reports last week alleging that up to 30 per cent of breast cancer patients in Quebec may have received improper treatment were false.

Britain's Got Burnout And, of course, when regular people and the media collide, the results are not always good....Hey, if Brittany can do it, why not Susan Boyle ?

Singing sensation Susan Boyle taken to clinic, media reports (Canadian Press)

What's in a Name ? I didn't dream it, CTV NewsNet DID change it's name to CTV News Channel over the weekend.

So, what will news junkies see with this re-branding ? More corespondents ? A cutback on small-town USA 'water-skiing squirrel' type stories as filler ? Fewer day-old CNN stories ? Well, notsomuch. CTV says it's "
a continued commitment to breaking news, the channel also unveils a new look with a refreshed graphics package."

In the Media in Canada article CTV Newsnet relaunches as CTV News Channel they note that CTVNC (?) can now feature ads in it's news ticker and "The relaunch will also provide more sponsorship opportunities. Companies can sponsor various segments of news programming, such as business, health news and weather."

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