Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Isotope Shortage Crisis Level Raised from 'Sexy' to 'Near Orgasmic'

Better get a cigarette handy .....

Small hospitals to run out of isotopes this week
Canadian Press Jun. 9 2009 2:17 PM
Smaller hospitals across the country will run out of medical isotopes this week, leaving many cancer and heart patients scrambling to find alternatives.

What to say about all this ?!

Really, Harper should have accepted Minister Raitt's resignation and snuffed out the
sexy aspect of this issue before these inevitable headlines started surfacing. "Scrambling" cancer patients vs. standing your ground and not let let the media/oppo tell you what to do with your cabinet ? Umm.... yeah, I'll take the cancer patients and a Thompson, MB sized crow, please.

I was a "fart-catcher"for many years, to use the Frank-crafted term for political staffer, and have winced and cringed numerous times throughout the week.

Act One

The binder issue ? Nasty stuff. God knows what happened, though. The Ministerial hurricane pulls into the studio for a few minute interview and then is gone again before you can even finish checking your voicemail. Did the Minister, now used to a legion of young staff to pick up after her at every turn, carelessly leave it behind expecting that
SOMEONE would sanitize the room before they left ? Did the comm staffer carry a "secret" binder from the car to a media studio then simply walk out and leave it behind ? Could a media type have plopped newspaper down on it or nudged it closer to the plant in the corner just to see if it would get left behind so that they could have a looksey ? A combination of the above ? None of the above ?

Worthy of Ministerial demotion ? Naw.

Worthy of comm staff firing ? Probably not, though you know that an unwritten part of your job is to fall, or be dropped, on the sword if necessary - even if it was the Minister's fault.

Act Deux

Tape recorder left behind in the can ? Am I reading this right ? Yikes. I can remember going to the bathroom holding a briefcase in my teeth so that I wouldn't have to worry about leaving it behind. Even if your lone reason for entering the washroom is to have privacy while you drop dead:
you still don't leave the tape recorder unattended.

Worthy of Ministerial demotion ? You're at the 50/50 point. You're having trouble guiding the dinghy so you're not going to be graduating to a "grown-up" boat anytime soon. Next excuse for a minor cabinet shuffle and you could be back riding the green bus and the $7 breakfast special at the cafeteria.

Worthy of comm staff firing ? At
best, your new job is going to involve handing out pins and pamphlets at constituency barbecues - providing that the CO is a loooong way from The Hill. Politicians live in a fishbowl and become hypersensitive, (some even truly paranoid), that the oppo, media, some colleagues and a selection of the myriad of hangers-on that they've collected, are going to screw them. Someone on the inside, albeit unintentionally, they can't trust ruins some of the few moments when they should be able to relax.


Of course, the fireworks / dancing elephants of this story is the fact that what you said in private became public. I don't necessarily condemn what you said - tape record a nurse, doctor, policeman, firefighter, lawyer, waiter, chef, reporter etc. talking about work issues when nobody is around and you're going hear references that you don't want to hear. The fact that you got caught is like getting shot in a paintball game: yes, he came out of nowhere; yes you were careful; yes you had a good strategy; of course you didn't see this coming; yadda, yadda. Now go back and sit in the truck. Say hi to Dianne Marleau if you see her on your way.

Harper, swallow your pride and try to salvage anything that could resemble a future political career for Raitt by putting her on the back benches.

This is supposed to be about scrambling cancer patients.

One of them is a family member of mine.

Update June 10:
Raitt Has Finally Said Sorry
"I want to offer a clear apology to anyone has been offended by what I said."Raitt choked up as she described watching her father die of colon cancer when she was a child, and then losing her brother to lung cancer as an adult.

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