Thursday, 21 May 2009

TODAY ! Streetcar Makes a Return to Winnipeg Streets !

Well, for a few days at least.

These are photos of replica streetcar 596 created by Danny Schur's team at Strike ! The Musical for the May 23, 2009 abridged version of Strike !
to be held on Main Street in front of City Hall.

This to-scale replica, painted in Winnipeg Electric Railway Company's original colours of crimson and cream, will be used to re-enact Foote's iconic image from the strike:

It was June 21, 1919, Bloody Saturday, and in defiance of the strikers a streetcar rolled down Main Street. The crowd rushed, tried to overturn it, but couldn't. Instead, it was set on fire, (it's often said that it was overturned but, as can be seen below when the volunteer firefighters arrived, it was still upright).

An interesting aside, it was claimed that a woman set the car alight. From Women and the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919:

"...one woman has been credited with the infamous act of setting fire to the streetcar on Bloody Saturday. The woman who set fire to the streetcar on Bloody Saturday “appeared to be a foreigner.” The Tribune added"

More details on Saturday's abridged version of the musical can be found at the Doors Open Events page.

"May 23rd's show features a cast of 100, mounted horses, antique vehicles and a life-size replica of the iconic streetcar that was at the centre of the riot.
Rain or shine.
Lawn chairs mandatory. Seating begins at 1:00 PM.

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- Strike ! The Musical' s full-scale version will be hitting the stage July 30 - August 5th. If you haven't seen Strike on stage yet, you can get a taste of it here.
- Check out Winnipeg's last remaining streetcar: Streetcar 356
- Photos of the replica from buflyer on flickr (to see more)

Streetcar 356 - the last one left


Fat Arse said...

Second time I have visited this post today. The pics are "striking" - did you get dupes from the Archives? What collection - am thinking of getting copy of the 1st one showing strikers efforts to tip streetcar for my office.

mrchristian said...

I'll send you the data. I didn't get dupes as the size I need are available in a couple of places online.

mrchristian said...

Source: Archives of Manitoba/Archives du Manitoba, Foote 1696, N2762
Year: 1919

Online albums that contain the reference info you would need include:




Fat Arse said...

Mr. Christian,

Thanks a lot for the reference. Should have known it was from Foote collection. Next time I'm at PAM I'll be sure to to order pic. Good thing it has a negative - cheaper that way.