Saturday, 9 May 2009

Maybe Better Than LRT for Winnipeg Transit ?!

I love the blogs at The City Room of the New York Times. Lots of good news but also wonderful little stories about the out of the way places, interesting people and neat urban history of the Big Apple.

I thought this was great - perhaps a little cheaper than LRT to get riders interested !

Next Stop: Nessun Dorma

On bus No. 5238, the shock absorbers do not always cushion the ride, and there is undoubtedly some gum under the seats. The acoustics are good, though, which comes in handy when Chris Dolan breaks into a string of arias. A recent operatic hit parade on the bus included Verdi’s “La donna √® mobile” and Puccini’s “Nessun dorma.”

Some other recent items at The City Room:

Soccer Team Roots for New Life
.... Most of the players in black work together at the Royal Bank of Canada, bonded by the financial cloud hanging over their industry. The reds, too, are united by financial circumstance, sharing a temporary address, 1 Wards Island: a homeless shelter.

There She Is, From a Trailblazing Beauty Pageant
The Miss Subways pageant, which ran from 1941 to 1977, was a cutting-edge civil rights battleground.

A Plaque With a Love Story
Look out your window on a clear morning, and you see a plaque on a lamppost gleaming in the sunlight.

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