Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Vida Positiva

I watched an interesting video today about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Maputo, Mozambique called "Vida Positiva".

It's a documentary made by young filmmakers / NGO workers Malgorzata Malak and Verena Allinger while on interchange with the group Kindlimuka. They describe it as "...an outline of the situation including reasons for HIV spread, national combat strategies, projects run by NGOs, ways of treating the disease and personal stories of HIV positive people and their relatives."

Simply filmed with a camcorder, it's an interesting look at HIV AIDS from the street level perspective in a badly impacted city. It's not depressing or melodramatic. It's a matter-of-fact portrayal; this is how people / local governments / hospitals get on with things when an epidemic like HIV AIDS is part of life in your city.

The video is at link is mlume.com/vida :

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