Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sometimes a Good Point is Simply That ... a Good Point

I can't think of the number of times that I have had a good point - an exceptionally good point, (in my opinion, anyway) - during a discussion with friends, a round table or a meeting at work. It would also be hard to tally the number of times that I have conceded to someone else that they had a good point when discussing a matter with me.

When I heard Ken Lewenza of the Canadian Auto Workers mention, again, in his comments to the press today that labour makes up only 7% of the cost of a Chrysler, so even cutting that cost drastically will have little impact on the overall cost of producing their cars I, again, conceded that it WAS a good point.

Such is life, though, that having a good point, no matter how many times you repeat it, doesn't always have an impact on the outcome.

CAW is in a tough position playing chicken with Chrysler over the Fiat merger. I hope that in the end, for the sake of the Chrysler workers, that Lewenza's good point wins the day.


Anonymous said...

Seems like FIAT has the only point that worth anything.

drop 19 bucks an hour or, ciao paesan.

Then the CAW can take over and run the business as they see fit. A good point indeed.

cherenkov said...

I suspect that Ken was referring to wages only, and that labour costs (including benefits, medical coverage, pension liability, etc) makes up a far higher percentage.

mrchristian said...

Ah...true. I didn't listen that carefully to his comments to see if he meant the whole enchilada or just the hourly wage.

mrchristian said...

cherenkov, that's a good point ;-)