Monday, 20 April 2009

Snow Ingenuity

I saw this report on the news this morning : A town in Japan is turning snow into earth-saving energy.

I know that we do make use of our cold for some research. There's cold winter testing done by some car and snowmobile companies in Thompson, (with more to come thanks to
a new venture between the Govt's and Rolls Royce- Pratt & Whitney, (CBC, FreeP). There's also climate and tundra studies at Churchill's Northern Studies Centre. Then there's that crazy stuff that Professor Popsicle does to study the body's resonse to extreme cold.

Snow and ice, aside from recreational uses and making nice centrepeices for banquets, are treated as an annoying bi-product of our wonderful winters. Why didn't we figure out how to use snow to save energy ?! An added 'tut-tut' to us is that it's not really new technology at all !

We used to store bulk food for the winter in ice houses

Ice companies didn't "make" ice, they took it from lakes or poured water into reservoirs to cut, store and deliver to customers throughout the year - right up until the 1950's !

Perhaps we DO innovative things with ice and snow that I am not aware of - if so, let me know !


Anonymous said...

Yikes. So simple. So obvious. I guess I'm going to have to build an icebox this summer.


mrchristian said...

http://www.off-grid.net/2006/01/04/building-an-ice-house/ :-)