Saturday, 11 April 2009

It's 1919 Again !

Well, I've gone and done it. 1919: The Winnipeg General Strike blog is set to roll.

It's taken a lot of work getting it set up because in these initial stages there's been a lot of writing, "pathfinding" and initial organization. In a day or two that should all be done and the dated posts ready to roll. Please be sure to check it out !

It seems crazy to start another blog but I realized that This Was Winnipeg was coming full circle. Though a quantity of the posts have been built up over a couple of years, I started the blog entries in June of last year and am just entering the May ones now. That doesn't mean an end to TWW, just that I can post things retroactively at my own pace, not rushing to get new entries into the system.

I am not sure what my next step is for that blog. Once June comes around there won't really be "new" posts for people to check out. I'll have to investigate on Blogger whether I can do something to have them pop us as "new" again or if the time is better spent working on categorizing the entries. Any suggestions people have would be much appreciated !!

P.S. I also added my list of upcoming history events from TWW into a Google calendar !

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