Monday, 20 April 2009

The Bogeyman Cometh Part 2

I see that CNN, presumably for the 10th anniversary of Columbine High School shooting, is reporting on a Jan 2009 study about fear among youth in the southern U.S. (see Terrorism, kidnapping among top fears for today's youth).

In the January 2009
Journal of Counseling and Development a University of Alabama professor Joy Burnham looks at the Contemporary fears of children and adolescents: coping and resiliency in the 21st century. (Also, in the July 2008 Journal of Loss and Trauma Burnham published Fears of American Children Following Terrorism).

The U.S. youth surveyed are, of course, the "post 9-11 generation" where everything from baby powder and bottles of Sprite to toenail clippers were, at times, potential weapons of mass destruction (and are reminded of that in a 24/7 "Breaking News" environment).

For what they're worth, here is a summary of the findings broken down by age (as compiled by the CNN Story):

Ages 7-10
1. Being kidnapped
2. Myself dying
4. Not being able to breathe
5. Being threatened with a gun

Ages 11-14
2. Not being able to breathe
3. Being kidnapped
4. Being raped
5. Being threatened with a gun

Ages 15-18
2. Being raped
3. Not being able to breathe
4. Being threatened with a gun
5. Myself dying

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