Monday, 13 April 2009

Are We Over-Noticed or Under-Intelligenced ?

A few odd stories to do with alerts / notices have popped up in the last few days.

Last week there was the case of
"Flood Alert" and the news of families that did not bother to sandbag their properties.

April 1: Some Riverside Homes Unprotected had St. Andrews Reeve Don Forfar scratching his head as people had already been warned of floodwaters.

April 8: Homeowners Who Refuse to Help Could be Out of Luck about homes on that same stretch or River Road south of Selkirk that weren't sandbagged. Said the resident of one of the homes to the reporter "If the water goes up, it isn't our fault, it's theirs (the government) ... we'll just get a cheque from the government."

On the bright side, those homeowners might not qualify for any disaster relief.

Next, the case of
"Evacuation Alert"

April 10: Breezy Point Residents Ordered to Evacuate by province.

April 12: 60 people rescued in Southern Manitoba with word that the the RCMP had to be called in by rescuers to remove them

April 13: Take Evacuation Orders Seriously Gov't Warns

Likely, some are going to say, a la the winter parking ban every year, that they had no way of knowing that anything was in effect because nobody came to their door with a personalized, hand written invitation to please leave now.

On the opposite end of the scale came the "
Amber Alert" 'controversy' in Ontario with the disappearance of Victoria Stafford .

Some expressing frustration that the huge manhunt for Victoria Stafford doesn't fall under the term "Amber Alert". It didn't meet the criteria of an Amber Alert and, as someone from Block Parents said in this article, they adhere to the strict criteria so that they don't become routine. Yet, oddly, almost 5,000 people have joined a facebook group Amber Alerts Need to Be Mandatory as if by calling this a different name would somehow be making a difference.

No deep thought or anything here - just how we can on the one hand seem so jaded about warnings that we'll ignore them yet we can be so demanding about them.

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Conceited Jerk said...

Mr. C,

Lately, I'm convinced that a seeming majority of folks in this province are indeed under-intelligenced.

At work, we've been inundated, deluged even, with calls from people who are in a mad panic for water suction and discharge hoses - and who get mad when we tell them we're sold out (a season's worth sold out in four hours, to better prepared people) and won't be getting any in for a couple of days.

When asked why they waited so long to buy if they're in such dire straits, most said "Because we didn't know the flood would be that bad, and didn't want to spend the money if we didn't need to!"