Thursday, 5 March 2009

Richler on Winter-peg

Thanks to Zander at newwinnipeg for pointing this out.

In today's Toronto Star travel section is a piece by journalist and author Noah Richler entitled: Warming up to Winter-peg. Behind city's genuine sense of modesty lies a vibrant cultural city.

Despite the mosquitoes, the winter, the panhandlers the parking bans and 1001 other things that people gripe about, I do love this city quirks and all> I've never really understood the peer pressure to have a "Winnipeg Sucks" 'tude to be part of the col crowd.

There's a great line in the article : "If authentic discovery, rather than easy conversation about some proven trendy destination is what you want, then here is a city that absolutely must be visited." Personally, I think that's for any sort of travel. I've had as much enjoyment from a weekend in Dauphin as I had on a weekend in Paris - I still discover and enjoy, just different things and different paces.

It makes for a good read.

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cancelbot said...

Great article, and agreed completely on your last point. Living in, and appreciating an "off the beaten path" city like Winnipeg has made me want to go "off the beaten path" when I travel.

I still like to visit the glitzy places, but when I do I'll still rent a car, hop on a train or catch a bus and go somewhere out of the way for a day.