Friday, 27 March 2009

Red River Jig - UPDATED

The Asham Stompers might be the only folks interested in doing a Red River Jig this weekend (at least they're doing it in Sioux Lookout !).

I feel for our prairie neighbours in North Dakota. Revised predictions from this afternoon that the Red will exceed the crest levels of 1997 is disheartening. A scan of the breaking news roll of the Fargo Forum paints a bleak picture of how the evening has been going. (News: At 7 pm the Red broke the 1997 crest level). **Breaking news: prediction of another foot made at 7:30 pm.

There are couple of sites I link to on This Was Winnipeg from the region that show images and memories of floods past.
Fargo History.com has image galleries going back to the 1890's. Digital Horizons.org has a great set as well.

I see a new blog just for the flood has sprung up.

A fellow history blogger, Trish at
St. Vincent Memories, is constantly digging up gems - family stories and photos that include flood related items - proving that flooding is part of our heritage. You can't really tell the story of a family or settlement in the region without talking about floods. Below are a couple of images from her blog - click to link to the entry or go to her blog and search 'flood' !

1948 Flood - Pembina N.D. from St. Vincent Memories

Downtown Fargo has a great essay on Downtown Fargo through the ages with links to stories and photos, both historic and modern, including the recent revitalization of heritage sections of downtown Fargo / Moorhead.

I guess one solace that you can take is that when you're on the prairies the natural disasters that impact you the most can be predicted days, or even weeks, in advance thus allowing for some preparation.

Bonne chance, North Dakota.

1893 - St. Vincent MN (in foreground) and Pembina ND from St. Vincent Memories

For flood images of Manitoba you can also see St. Vincent Memories for posts like Emerson in 1950 and there's also a great gallery of photos, clippings and other resources at Manitoba Pictures.com. Library and Archives Canada also has a 1950 flood page at their site S.O.S. Canadian Disasters.

Lombard Avenue 1950 from Manitoba Photos

I found many more links, both historic and for the current flood. I have posted the historic links to This Was Winnipeg and will update it as I come across new ones. Links for 09 I have put into my blog roll and will update that as well.

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Trish said...

Thanks for the links to St. Vincent Memories! What you write is SO true - to live in this area is to live with flooding. It's inevitable...